Weiner Versus Mythbusters: A Study in Contrast

This week it’s become pretty clear that Anthony Weiner hasn’t been using Twitter the way a politician should. If anyone needed help in setting up a Twitter strategy, it was Weiner. His case shows the disastrous results one can experience if social media is done wrong. But this week I’ve also been learning about a company that is using Twitter right—to the tune of going from zero followers in October 2009 to about 600,000 today. Granted, it helps when you have the resources of Discovery Communications and your Twitter handle is @Mythbusters. But we can all learn things from their strategy of deep follower engagement—not just gathering an audience for the sport of it. My PR News colleague, community editor Billy Miltenberg, has written a great case study on how the social media team at Mythbusters captures and keeps fans. They even attach pictures to their tweets —just not the “junky” kind. Be sure to read about it in the 6/6/11 issue of PR News.

–Scott Van Camp