Financial Comms Comes to Terms With ‘New Normal’

After the news broke this week of the police macing protesters outside the Chase annual shareholders meeting in Columbus, Ohio, I thought I should explore just how far financial institutions have come with their communications efforts since the meltdown some three years ago. Well, what I’ve  learned from some  experts is that financial communicators are doing something they never had to do before the crisis: explain what they do to a much broader audience base than in the past. Dan Bartlett, president and CEO at Hill & Knowlton USA, says the industry is doing just that, but “establishing authenticity won’t happen overnight.” The good news, says Michael Robinson, senior VP at Levick Strategic Comms, is that financial institutions are now talking about what their doing to help customers, and not about themselves. The bad news? Bartlett says there’s a “new normal” for communicators that won’t change anytime soon. Read the full story in the 05/23/11 issue of PR News. Meanwhile, how do you think financial institutions are doing with their communications?

–Scott Van Camp