OBL Revelations: From Terrorist to Everyman?

While everyone in the PR world is all atwitter about Facebook, Google and Burson-Marsteller, I’m much more fascinated with our governments’ daily revelations on the secret life of Osama Bin Laden. I believe the effort to portray OBL as shell of his former terrorist self while hidden inside his million-dollar (really?) home is backfiring. OK, maybe it’s working in influencing those who worship the man—but not with me, and probably thousands of guys like me in the world. You see, for us, sitting in front of the TV with remote in hand is pure bliss. And when I saw that footage, I didn’t think “That old man is a disgrace.” I said to myself, “Wow, that guy sits in front of a TV just like me.” Let’s be clear, I’m don’t admire OBL, but that video showed that we have one “human” thing in common. So perhaps this strategy should be revised. Then, I read today that they found a porn stash in the house. I rest my case.

—Scott Van Camp

  • Ellis Simon

    I think the message about bin Laden’s lifestyle is intended not so much for Americans but for those in the Islamic world who looked up to him. Afterall, this is a guy who inspired people to blow themselves up for the cause. But it turns out, he was not so inspirational. He didn’t sacrifice. In fact, he adopted the western ways that he railed against. In short, he was a hypocrite.