The Corrections: A New Take on Managing Reputation and Inventing News

Finally! There’s a Web site we can all go to that will set the record straight. How long have we been waiting for ICorrect to come along? I mean, until now, we had to rely on the normal modes of communication when a reporter gets a story wrong or a fact is twisted or we just don’t like the facts – we work with the media or directly with our stakeholders. Thanks to ICorrect, the “universal web site for corrections to lies, misinformation and misrepresentations,” reputations will be restored and to heck with journalists and the like. On the one hand, I do think ICorrect is brilliant: you can get attention for your client, your executive and yourself by sharing information that presumably no one even cared about until they checked out this site. There’s the “accusation” and then there’s “the correction.”  The site, developed in the U.K. and right now mostly showcasing British lies, misinformation and misrepresentations, got the attention of the New York Times on March 28 with front page/home page coverage, so that’ll be good for its site traffic for days to come. Oh, I almost forgot to mention a key feature of this site (and its business model): you can join the site as a “Corrector” for $1,000 per year.  So if you are someone who needs to pay a Web site to communicate facts and refute lies from the press, then this site is for you. If you are someone who knows how to “correct” the media and social media without paying to get your voice heard, then you’re better off viewing ICarly than ICorrect.

– Diane Schwartz