NCAA, CBS Should Leverage Tourney for Japan Outreach

Okay, I admit it, PR News. Today I went into and watched the last 30 seconds of the Kentucky-Princeton game. I feel it’s my duty as an editor to explore the powerful video out there and write about it. However, in getting to the sports homepage, I went through the news homepage, which has some devastatingly powerful content on the Japan disaster. I guess we Americans are known for forging ahead and getting on with things, and we certainly have with March Madness (that includes you, Mr. President!). If I were the NCAA and CBS, however, I’d be thinking about interesting ways that the tournament could raise funds for the clean-up in Japan. Maybe some sort of a matching donation program. After all, the two parties are in the middle of an 11-year, $6 billion TV rights deal for the tournament. Millions of fans are tuning in to these games, and it would be almost criminal not to rally them around such an important cause. Do you agree?

–Scott Van Camp

  • Adam Kress


    As University of Minnesota Public Relations student, I feel as though you’ve got the right idea in regards to leveraging the tournament towards helping the efforts in Japan. While some might argue that this is an unfair exploitation of the event to raise funds, I would argue that utilize an event that has millions of fans to HELP people would only seem essential. If CBS and the NCAA could figure out a way of incorporating a fund-raising program into the tournament, I would be all for it.This isn’t a simple matter of exploiting the event, but a matter of helping your fellow man.