White House Comms Should Get Its Crisis Act Together

I hate to digress from Tiger blood, but this morning’s piece in The Wall Street Journal about the West’s talk of imposing a no-fly zone over Libya (to keep Gadhafi from killing protesters from the air) struck me as a huge communications snafu for the U.S. At one end of the spectrum you have Defense Secretary Gates criticizing “loose talk” about military intervention (playing it down) while testifying before Congress—while at the other end, Secretary of State Clinton has been supportive of a no-fly zone. That’s pretty contradictive stuff, coming from a couple of high-level officials. In the middle there’s Jay Carney, the new White House press secretary, who says the no-fly zone is being “actively considered.” Seems like everyone isn’t on point during this crisis. I wonder if this is a communications blip, or evidence of the Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience? In any case, if the White House is unsure of what to do about Libya, at least it should get its PR act together.

–Scott Van Camp