Two and Half Mentions: Charlie Sheen and Turning a Blind Eye

It is fascinating to watch Charlie Sheen’s rapid fall from grace as he battles his bosses at CBS. The media is giving him a big fake microphone and platform with which to spill his guts.  Can you blame the media? After all, it’s a hot story and if you’re looking for great sound bites look no further. Can you blame CBS? It is only after Sheen began his rants against Chuck Lorre that the network canceled the season and intimated that “Two and Half Men” may be dead in the water.  Despite the fact (and these are facts) that Sheen has been in domestic disputes with his former wives and girlfriends, threatening at least one at knife point, CBS kept its cool with Sheen over the years because he showed up for work on time. That’s right – he was showing up for work and playing his part. So, no matter that he has treated women like punching bags. The guy generates a lot of money for the network.

I am glad that CBS is finally putting Sheen in his place, but why didn’t it take a stand sooner? Surely they had a leg to stand on with Sheen’s arrests for domestic violence.  Other companies have immediately dismissed executives when sexual harassment charges are even brought but not proven.  No company – whether it’s in Hollywood, Houston or Helsinki – should tolerate such behavior.  What do you think Sheen’s publicists should do at this point? And does his publicity team even have Sheen’s ear? Hollywood Reporter asked some Hollywood publicists their opinion and I agree with the advice of  at least one: “I would worry about getting him a real rehab before a press rehab.”

– Diane Schwartz