Be Gone, Catchphrases!

Right now I have the same feeling as when my wife catches me foraging for food after 10 p.m.: busted. What gives me this feeling is a new study that reveals the most overused catchphrases among advertising and marketing pros. Well, you can add “editor of a public relations weekly” to that sentence.

Here’s the top 10 catchphrases, according to the survey by The Creative Group:

  1. “Social media/social networking”
  2. “Synergy”
  3. “Free”
  4. “Innovative/innovation”
  5. “ROI/return on investment”
  6. “Extra value/value added”
  7. “Model(s)”
  8. “Telemarketing”
  9. “Social media expert”
  10. “Resolve”

I’m guilty of using at least five of these phrases on a regular basis in PR News. Social media, ROI, synergy, innovative, social media expert—all key components of my writing arsenal. I mean, isn’t PR really social media? Well, I’m going to tape this list up on my computer and do my darndest to keep from using them in the future. Wish me luck.

–Scott Van Camp

  • Donna St. Jean Conti

    I think I used at least three of them in one meeting today. Pass the tape!

  • Matt

    “Social media expert” is what grinds my gears. It seems anyone who has set a company up with a FB page or twitter account can call themselves a Social Media expert these days!

  • Lisa D.

    I feel pretty good I only use one of the listed catch phrases. I admit “Synergy” is one of my most hated words. Most people have no clue what it means whether they use it or hear it.