Shaking up the Press Release, will Like, Get You Xtra Attention

Whether you’re a Groupon junkie, a Groupon partner/advertiser or just watching this company rake in the dough, you have to admire the press release it sent on Monday announcing that it secured a $950 million round of financing. The headline reads: “Groupon Raises, Like, A Billion Dollars”. My mother and many an English teacher have admonished me for using the word “like” in my sentences or conversations.   But now, with press releases being so pedestrian for the most part, the injection of “like” in the headline gets a company even more attention and may even, like, bring back this word to an accepted place in conversation and grammar.

The fact that Groupon raised almost a billion dollars is news enough.  Creating a snarky headline gets the attention of even more people, many of whom will inevitably sign up for the daily deals that have made Groupon’s valuation skyrocket.  Brilliant, I say.  However, the rest of the press release is routine and borderline mundane. Now that they’ve got the headline style down, Groupon’s press release writers need to come up with some novel way to keep us reading til the end.

Do you have a well-written press release you’d like to share?  One that stirs the mind, rattles the boat and gets the media to cover you? Please share it with us, like, when you get a chance.

– Diane Schwartz

  • Jeff Domansky

    Hi Diane, headlines always rule in news releases but your point about delivering the news or story is also critical. I’d like to share my post “Bad Press Releases: 20 Worst Headlines Ever” as a further illustration. They’re, like, unbelievable. Best regards.

  • dschwartz

    Thank you, Jeff. I am afraid to read them!

  • Frank Strong

    Ha! Awesome find, Diane, like, that’s a great post!