Quality People

Two people passed away this week that in all probability couldn’t be more different in backgrounds and personalities. Yet Elizabeth Edwards and Don Meredith both possessed qualities that I believe PR professionals can take to heart. Edwards faced her battle with cancer and the infidelity of John Edwards with dignity and honesty. Meredith, or Dandy Don as he was known to millions of football fans on Monday nights, was famous for tempering Howard Cosell’s bombast with humor—a noble effort! It was clear that Meredith didn’t take himself too seriously, which reminds me of what Steve Cody of Peppercom wrote in this week’s PR News Tip Sheet: “We take our client’s business and our business very seriously. But, we don’t take ourselves seriously at all.” As we head toward the New Year, we should think about these qualities and how we can apply them professionally and personally.

–Scott Van Camp