Wall Street Gives Back—To Neiman Marcus

As we get into the holiday season, begin to rehash the year and take stock in what we’re thankful for, I know Wall Street won’t be on my list. It appears to be “back to normal” for Wall Street bankers, chronicled in today’s Huffington Post story. From hiring dwarfs for bachelor parties to plucking down big bucks for limited-edition Camaros, while generally keeping the luxury goods sector in the 7% to 10% sales growth range from last year (while sales at Kohls and J.C. Penny dropped)—it’s déjà vu all over again. With corporate trust among the U.S. public in the dumpster, this brazenness boggles the mind. Is there anything that PR should be doing to at least deflect these displays of opulence? Where is CSR when you need it? By the way, the guy who hired the dwarf was fired, so let’s give credit where credit is due. For a story in contrast, check out this great piece in the latest Smithsonian. Happy Thanksgiving!

–Scott Van Camp