NFL: Get Rid of the Junk

The latest Brett Favre saga has taught me a couple things: No longer does the word “junk” mean stuff piled up in your garage; and the NFL is not fooling anyone when it talks of “seriously” investigating the hijinks of its players—like Favre/Jenn Sterger and the Jets/Inez Sainz. Case in point: The league just hired Sports Illustrated model Marisa Miller as a spokesperson, proving that yes, the NFL can talk all it wants about player decorum, but in the end, sex appeal sells. Between the player investigations, the concussion issue and the negotiations with the players union, the league’s communications meetings must be real humdingers. It appears to me that if the NFL can’t get its house in order and its messaging on point, what happens on the field will take a back seat to everything else, and that will be a shame.

–Scott Van Camp