The Virtual Meet-and-Greet

The digital world fascinates and puzzles me at the same time. What puzzles me is yesterday’s article in The Wall Street Journal that heralded a new twist on the “meet-and-greet” with celebrities. The twist is that there is no physical meet or greet. It’s all done via Twitter. A charity auction to raise money for a Haitian orphanage has the public bidding on celebrities’ promises to be followers of the winners, and to mention the winner in their own celebrity tweets. Don’t get me wrong, social media and charities were meant to be together—but bidding $15,000 for cyber access to “Chuck” star Zachary Levi? Who is he? More like it is a retweet from Alicia Keys for $113, and better yet, MC Hammer for $47.

This auction kind of reminds me of the buying of virtual goods—another practice I don’t really understand. But then again, it’s great that people are in the giving mood. For my dollars, I’d just like to see the celebrities in the flesh. Speaking of digital and flesh, if you’d like to see digital experts in person, talking about the hottest trends and best practices, attend the Digital PR Summit in New York next month. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tweet about it.

–Scott Van Camp