Summer of Slam

It’s been a long hot summer here on the East Coast, and luckily for those of
us who follow PR, it’s been a hot time in terms of interesting crises. From
BP to Apple to HP and now JetBlue, there has always been something to jaw
about by the water cooler. Actually, JetBlue appears to be avoiding a
crisis, largely by keeping its trap shut about the situation with flight
attendant Steven Slater. It’s a strategy, I think, that’s underrated. In the
8/16 issue of PR News, there’s proof that JetBlue is weathering the crisis:
a PeopleBrowsr sampling of worldwide tweets in the days after the incident
shows a largely neutral attitude toward the JetBlue brand. Plus, our own
poll on PR News Online (taken online by more than 1,700 people) confirms it.
Who knows what brand or CEO will be caught next the headlights. Me? I can’t

–Scott Van Camp