Tell Us a Story, Lebron!

Show of hands: How many of you will be watching “The Lebron James Hour” on ESPN tonight? I have mixed emotions about this telecast, in which James will reveal the team he has chosen to play for—for a zillion dollars a year. There’s an excellent column by Sports Illustrated basketball writer Jack McCallum that puts this “spectacle” in perspective. Though I admit to following James (my six-year-old wears a Lebron headband), I wonder what this show will be like. James is expected to make the announcement in the first 15 minutes. What will he do for the next 30? Rumor has it that he’ll answer pe0ple’s questions via social media (James set up a Twitter account on Tuesday, and now has nearly 300,000 followers!), or maybe he’ll just tell us a bedtime story. Whatever he does, I tip my hat to ESPN for pre-empting the World Lumberjack Championships for Lebron. It’s a definite coup for them, and for the Boys and Girls Club, to which the proceeds from the show will go.

–Scott Van Camp