First Pizza, Now Pampers

Another example of the power of social media has cropped up, this time moms blaming the iconic diaper brand Pampers for giving their kids rashes. The moms have started a Facebook page that has gained traction in recent days (more than 7,000 fans) and the controversy has attracted the attention of product-safety regulators in the U.S. and Canada.  Once again, just like Domino’s Pizza, a big brand is taking a hit online, leaving Procter & Gamble red in the … well, you know. But P&G isn’t taking this lying down: an “internal” memo (now public, of course) criticizes the Facebook campaign and has the moms even more irritated. The company is reaching out to key mommy bloggers as well. P&G seems determined to reverse what it says are false claims against its product. Will going on the offense work, or will it just fan the flames even more?

–Scott Van Camp