Spills, Stock Slides, Salaciousness…Betty White Comes to Our Emotional Rescue

Is it a coincidence that as our nation tries to figure out who is responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf and what caused the Dow to dive 1,000 points last week that octogenarian Betty White hosts Saturday Night Live on May 8 and gets stellar ratings, to boot?  I don’t have an answer for the oil spill, though the execs at BP and the associated companies are passing the blame, not apologizing and doing all the things that a very bad PR counselor would tell you to do during a crisis.

And I don’t have an answer for the Wall Street stock slide and it’s interesting that there really is no spokesperson on this issue since no one is taking accountability for that either. But I do have an answer for the Betty White phenomenon.

People need to feel collectively good about something, especially when the economy is in the dumps, terrorists are buying fireworks at the local store, and oil is spilling onto our shores.  They want to cheer on people they can trust. They want to trust people who they can cheer on (exit Tiger Woods).  Betty White has 526,000 Facebook fans.  BP has 561 fans on Facebook.  That said, Tiger Woods still has over 1.4 million fans, which shows that we also like a good comeback story.  That story hasn’t materialized yet, but if Betty White were to endorse Tiger Woods….

Diane Schwartz

  • Gina Larson

    very bad post! I want information about the oil spill and you tell me about Betty White? please, post smart info for smart people…

    I just want to know about how to BP face the legal, economical and PR problem…

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