Denis Leary Likes His PR Guy. He Really Does.

Denis Leary made a special appearance last week at an awards luncheon hosted by PR News’ sister brand CableFAX. He took a break from shooting the upcoming season’s Rescue Me to show up at the Grand Hyatt in NYC to say a few kind words about John Solberg, senior vp of PR at FX, the network for Leary’s show.  It was a surprise (and unpaid) visit by Leary–  and Solberg appeared floored not only by Leary’s presence but by his remarks about how important Solberg has been to his show, and “if John tells me I need to be somewhere, I go there.” What a testament to the  power of the PR counselor. Oh, and John won the CableFAX award for PR Executive of the Year. Well-deserved, John.

  • Ashley White

    I’m currently a student at Georgia Southern University, majoring in public relations. One of the current chapter that I have been reading deal a lot with the media and important leaders of public opinion. It was nice to see that the stuff I am learning and reading about is really out there. The “power of the PR counselor” is definitely seen in this situation. It shows how important role models and higher up leaders are in our society.