An Employee Hates Her Job, Is Fired, Gets Fired Up on YouTube. You Can Bank on This Happening Again.

It’s not a good sign when an employee records a video in which she says: “There was something inherently evil about my job.”  That’s what Jackie Ramos did after being fired from Bank of America.  In the nine-minute YouTube video, which has been viewed over 104,000 times, she tells of how she stopped denying customers who didn’t qualify for the bank’s account modification program and helped them find a way to get into the program, against BoA’s rules. She did this out of “moral” judgment, she noted in the video, because she didn’t think it was fair to charge customers convenience fees or over the limit fees.  Perhaps it’s not fair.  Georgia-based Ramos uploaded the video two days after being terminated, and she joins others who’ve recorded bank-revolt type videos. This is freedom of speech, this is social media, this is to be expected by employers.  Bank of America is not responding to the video – as well they shouldn’t.  And for potential employers, go beyond the References Sheet and google your job candidates and search them on YouTube. You may be surprised.  One shouldn’t work in a job they hate and that keeps them up at night. Whether they should record a vitriolic video is up to them. Likewise, an organization should be mindful of their business practices and the effect it has on employees, some of whom are not trained in the intricacies of their position and reflexively generalize their position. For example, Ramos, in the video noted that being a Customer Assistant was a euphemism for the Collections Department. HR? Employee Communications? We need your help!