Thanks For Not Commenting on Tiger Woods

Over Thanksiving dinner, talk inevitably turned to Tiger Woods‘ mysterious car accident and his decision to not discuss the situation with the media or police.  Everyone had an opinion, and one of my aunts even knew what actually happened! Throughout the weekend and as of today, it seems everyone’s got an opinion on this topic and my in-box has been flooded with notes from PR experts available for comment on Tiger Woods.  The over-riding opinion from these PR experts is that Tiger should not be silent.  It’s bad for his reputation, his brand, his endorsements.  It is a “Fill in the Blank Moment” for PR: insert name of high-profile person who refuses to comment on a crisis and tell the world why this is either right or wrong (usually wrong).  While there’s no harm in putting your name out there for comment on a top news story and musing about bad PR strategy, I put forth that there’s also nothing right with it.  Unless you have something new and insightful to say about Tiger (and we don’t really have the facts on this case yet), let’s focus on more strategic PR issues and not use a TMZ/Drudge Report-like moment to promote our PR expertise. Tiger’s spokespeople aren’t listening to us anyway.  As the headline on aptly notes: “With statement and refusal to talk to police, Tiger Woods makes himself perfectly clear.”