Unfriending the Delebs While Being Intexticated

Should it really come as a surprise that the New Oxford American Dictionary has christened “unfriend” as the new word of the year? It’s been a rough year, so we need a rough word as a crowning achievement of 2009.  If there were a publicist for the year 2009,  she might have pushed for “funemployed” as a better spin on this year’s rough ride.  “Unfriend” beat other new words like deleb (dead celebrity), intexticated, and choice mom, which were also added to the new edition of the dictionary.  BTW, Unfriend, as a verb, is to remove someone as a friend on Facebook.  Soon, it will become common lexicon and we will admit to unfriending real-world friends. These are people we actually had lunch with, traveled with, roomed with, met in person.  We will stop returning their calls, remove them from the holiday card list, etc. But for now, “unfriend” is a social media term that most of us have experienced on one side or the other. I have been unfriended (it hurt!), and I have unfriended a few people.  On Facebook’s neighbor, Twitter,  I have stopped following a half dozen people who overshared their minute by minute activities (“going for a cup of coffee now”) and realizations (“it’s morning now”).   Could next year’s new word of the year be “unfollow”?  Hopefully it’ll be a better year for our economy, we will make smart choices on who to friend and follow, and the top word will be “employed.”

  • http://www.claymorgan.org Clay

    Nice post. I think the one that got me occured in the tourism industry about the time the recession was beginning to look like a recession: staycation. A word that gives me shivers, though a great idea for local tourist attractions to promote around.