11 Mistakes in 11 Days: Second Mistake (It’s a Loud One)

Yesterday, I began my brief series sharing with you a mistake I made that day and what I learned from it. All in the spirit of “mistakes make us stronger” — even as communicators.  Today’s entry is about not speaking up. The story starts with the book “American Psycho” and ends with a headache. On the train ride home from Manhattan, a young man decided to listen to his ipod and allow all of us around him to hear it too. No earphones. Just the ipod music blaring out on his lap (you’ve been “here” too, right?). I happened to be sitting right next to him. This is where “American Psycho” comes in, as this guy was also reading that book.  Having seen the movie and being disgusted by the main character, I (wrongly) felt it imprudent to ask this guy to put on his earphones. So for a half hour, I and 10 other train riders got acquainted with his musical choices, staring at each other in dismay, bonding over our communication cues, but not one of us asking him kindly to turn off the music. My decision to not openly communicate my request to the “American Pyscho” reader was, in the end, a mistake. I shouldn’t have judged him by the book he was reading (after all, I saw the movie.) Surely, he’ll do this again and give another group of commuters a Tylenol moment. I apologize in advance.

  • Ramesh

    After 11 mistakes what happened. One mistake is followed by 10 mistakes so the total is 11. What will happen after 11th. You did not understand what to tell him?