Don’t Give 2009 The Pink Slip

It’s rare that an online ad catches my eye, much less causes me to click through to the web site.  But the campaign caught my attention and then sucked me into the fray as I watched user-generated videos of people petitioning to end the year and get on with 2010 — early.  You can sign a petition to push for this change in the calendar because you believe that the year 2009 needs a pink slip, needs to be put behind us. The site, a viral campaign from the marketing/ad agency dieste, is surely clever and will create buzz for dieste.  But it got me thinking about what a great year it’s been for PR.  Our PR News award winners across our various programs were forced (or enticed) to think differently, to do more with less, to break through the clutter with more meaningful messaging.  Despite the economy and massive layoffs across all industries, some of the most creative and impactful work is being done now — in 2009.  And as we know, some of the best brands have sprung from a recession or depression. So use the time wisely — tap into partners who heretofore were unwilling to work with you, test more messages through social media, collaborate with your marketing and advertising departments, and take some time off in December. Before you know it, it’ll be 2010.

In the meantime, share with this blog your biggest PR achievement of 2009.

  • Katie

    For people in PR and advertising firms this year has demanded much more out of them than years past. Agencies have to find new and effective ways to market their clients during a time when people are being frugal. The companies that did better than expected during the recession can thank their PR, marketing and advertising agencies. Most agencies budgets were the first to be cut, but somehow with little money they grabbed consumer’s attention. Without these agencies in 2009, companies will not be able to recover in 2010.

  • Abby

    My biggest PR achievement in 2009 has been the launch of a new social marketing Web site, It is a new Web site that helps people save money for a new car. As a marketing intern I have been working as a brand ambassador, and coming up with ideas to promote this service. Check it out at if you are interested!

  • Ellie

    As a college student, my biggest PR achievement in 2009 was receiving an internship for the Marketing and Communications Department at a hospital. I have learned a great deal about the importance of PR, especially in such troubled economic times. Once you see PR from the inside of a business, you never look at it the same.