The Outburst: For What It’s Worth

So, did you watch the MTV Video Music Awards? More likely you watched Kanye West make Taylor Swift feel bad for winning Video of the Year over Beyonce.  Great PR for the VMAs, bad PR for Kanye and good PR for Taylor.  Or maybe not. Kanye’s blog and web site were inundated with fans and haters alike so he got some attention for being a bad boy. Yours truly is referring to him by his first name rather than “West” as would be the appropriate journalistic reference:  So I’m a little caught up in the moment, too.  Kanye apologized to the public and to Taylor Swift for his outburst on the stage. He knew what he was doing (as he’s done this sort of thing before), and also knew that he would apologize and he’d get a lot of attention for both.  In the scheme of things, what he said and did is not a big deal. Surely it was inappropriate and the standing ovation for Taylor Swift secured her standing in the popularity contest.  Meanwhile, Joe Wilson, the Republican South Carolina congressman who shouted “You Lie” during Obama’s speech last week before Congress, has apologized but noted this week that he’s not going to apologize again.  His outburst has raised awareness, or rather $1 million, from supporters.  It’s likely Kanye will profit from this “bad PR” through song downloads, T-shirt sales, and ironically sales of “Thank You and You’re Welcome” – his collection of “Kanye-isms.”

— Diane Schwartz

  • Joan Izzo

    Three incidents of “poor form” displayed at the US Open, the VMA awards and Congressional floor mirror a diminishing consideration for manners – does anyone remember “Roberts Rules of Order”?

  • Christine

    First, Taylor Swift won Best Female Video. Beyonce did win Video of the Year. If Kanye waited a bit, his outburst would have been unnecessary, but as shown, he needs to display deplorable manners.

    Second, this is the same guy who said he didn’t want everyone to listen to his music. Fine, I don’t then.

    Third, we need to stop rewarding people who show such inconsideration to others. So I say boycott Kanye’s products and stop listening to his music. He doesn’t want you to anyway.

  • Taylor

    Whether we agree with his outburst or not, or support Kanye’s actions or not. He’s a perefct example of the age old lessons. No publicity is bad publicity, and Diane is right when she says, ironic but he WILL benefit greatly from this, he clearly already has!! I wonder how many people NOW know who Kanye is who didn’t before…. I know I’ve seen my parents and members of an older generation eye’s opened to this artist, even if it is for his rude actions. He’s expanding the base and audience that know who he is! So even though he’s an ass, as Obama would say, he’s accomplished something none the less.

  • Katie

    Kanye West got what he wanted from his outburst: attention. Just seconds after West’s outburst comments on Facebook and Twitter were being updated about how inconsiderate he was. Without Facebook and Twitter people that did not watch the MTV Video Music Awards would not have known of West’s outburst as soon as they did. After hearing about West interrupting Taylor Swift I immediately turned on MTV to re-watch the award show; something I would not have done if this incident didn’t happen. MTV received great publicity from West’s rude interruption. I would not be surprised if Taylor Swift’s or even Kanye West’s number of song downloads increased on iTunes after Sunday’s fiasco. Both Swift and West will probably be doing a lot of publicity talking about the event. West’s publicist needs to inform him that his outburst is not the best way to get your name in the news.