The Best Job in the World

What would you consider the best job in the world? For many, just having a job is enough.  As for what the best paid job is, one company’s campaign looking for an “Island Caretaker” in Hamilton Island, Australia won the Grand Prix and PR awards in the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for its Best Job in the World campaign.  The idea is that the winner (a Brit named Ben Southall) would live on the island and spread the word via video, blog, other social media so that Hamilton Island became a tourist destination. The whole concept seems to be working so far for the island, for winning agency CumminsNitro Brisbane, and for Ben.  To get the job, there were nearly 37,000 video entries from applicants across 201 countries on why they want this job and would love to spend time on Hamilton Island. Think of what your company could do just with those videos and with a posting touting the Best Job in the World.  Does it take a smart gimmick like this to get people to apply for your jobs, or is that the job itself — getting paid to hang out on an island and promote the sand and sun — is so unique? Granted, it is unique. But how many of us have the courage of our convictions to call our listing the Best Job in the World? The response to the job posting and the interest in the Queensland island is not surprising nor is the fact that the campaign won a distinguished award. But back at the ranch — your ranch — what can you do to make your company populated with the best jobs in the world?  How can you ignite such passion that people will send videos and blog about why they’d love to work for you? Did I mention that PR News is looking for the Best Places to Work in PR?  Take time to enter and tell us why your workplace rocks — even if it’s not an island in the sun.

– Diane Schwartz