Flossing Your Way To Brand Leadership

The “need” to measure is ingrained in any good PR’s person’ s DNA.  I say “need” because: 1. not every initiative is indeed measured and 2. we don’t necessarily know what to measure, how to measure and what to do with the results. But we know that we need to do this. Just like flossing one’s teeth (do you floss every day — truthfully?).  A new survey from Jupiter Research and the Verse Group had some interesting results, reinforcing the importance of measurement but pointing to some overlooking stakeholders in moving the needle.  In the survey, 50% of marketers surveyed said achieving measurable ROI is their most important priority. Forget that 50% of marketers and communicators didn’t say this was a leading priority (better than the 27% who say they floss daily). What I found very telling was that only 17% said a priority was  “building a corporate culture rooted in our brand.”  I wasn’t expecting this to be the #1 priority, but surely it shouldn’t be at the bottom of the list.

A rich corporate culture is directly tied to your corporate ROI . If your employees believe in your brand and are evangelists for your company and culture, then you have a lot less to worry about and a lot more to celebrate.  Your corporate culture is not a collection of cubicles and 12×12 offices.  It is a culture blanketed by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc, and these employees are no longer silent.  And if they enjoy working for you, they will do a better job for you.  Surveys of PR professionals (not lumped into the Marketing category) will usually yield a higher priority for employee communications (not suprisingly). But aren’t PR and Marketing supposed to be singing from the same page?

You can, of course, measure what’s being said about you in the social mediasphere (and you should). But just as importantly, paying attention to the corporate culture and fostering passion and career growth will make your measurement results a lot more digestible and gratifying. It beats flossing.

– Diane Schwartz