Maya Angelou is now my friend

A few days ago, Maya Angelou accepted my request to “Friend” her on Facebook.  I requested her friendship when I first starting using Facebook (about a year ago) and I must admit, I regret the action. A year later and so much wiser about social media, the email that arrived declaring that Maya is now my friend not only fell flat but was a bit embarrassing.  I don’t even remember asking her to be my friend, and why did it take so darn long for her to respond? Granted, she’s busy, and I realize it wasn’t Maya herself who friended me.  But why do we need to have so many friends in social media? Will it really lead to a more enriched life?

So, let’s not forget who our “real friends” are and the power of face-to-face communication. Surely, if Maya saw me in person she wouldn’t recognize her “friend.”  How many friends do we all now have who we’d walk right by at a conference or in the coffee shop? And not because we’re rude friends, but because so many of our friends online are really strangers in reality.

— Diane Schwartz

  • RichardOn

    Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

  • Timothy Kendrick

    Excellent post. Modern day version of “acres of Diamonds”. I’m twittering this also

  • Todd Appleman

    I agree that it is a bit lame when people boast about how many “friends” and “followers” they have.

    Whether they are famous or everyday people, striving to get as many friends and followers makes no sense to me… particularly if you don’t know the person, share anything in common, and especially if you are what I call a “groupie” intent on boasting that this star or that star is following “me.”

    In my view, connect with people that you intend to actually follow and individuals that actually want to follow you. To see if you can get every Tom, Dick & Harry to be a follower means nothing. It actually dulutes the impact of those who do follow you.

    I might be stirring the pot, but I would wager that I’m not alone. Anyone else want to weigh in on this?

    Todd A

  • bisma

    thank you