First 100 Days: Grading Ourselves

As President Obama is handed his “report card” for performance after 100 days in office, I’m thinking about how we’d grade ourselves and our colleagues after 3-months-and-change in a leadership role. For sure, the metrics against which we’re judged are nowhere near those of a U.S. president (universal healthcare, disarming North Korea, stock market at 10,000). The good news is more than 60% of the U.S. population, when polled, think Obama is doing a very good job.  While we are inclined to grade him on the goals that have not been achieved or the jobs not yet restored, the interesting point is that the first 100 days are a judgment on decison-making and leadership skills. In a word: potential.  Of course, the metrics for which we grade  him run across a varied and inconsistent spectrum.  The White House has called the hoopla around The First 100 Days a “Hallmark” moment (note to Hallmark: cards congratulating a boss on their first 100 days). But really, it’s a great PR opportunity to tell the President’s story in its own words and pictures.  As  for grading ourselves and senior management: establish the metrics upfront and grade against those metrics. I give myself a B  for my first 100 days here at PR News — with potential to grow.  How would you grade yourself after 100 days in “office”?

– Diane Schwartz