Update on The Domino’s Effect: Interview with Tim McIntyre

Last week, PR News publisher Diane Schwartz wrote this blog post about the Domino’s YouTube crisis, in which two employees videotaped themselves doing unsavory things to food and then posted the clip on YouTube. As an update to the story, PRN guest columnist Mike Smith got an exclusive interview with Tim McIntyre, Domino’s VP of corporate communications, who said this of the company’s response to the crisis:

“We communicated with our core constituencies. Those who already were exposed to the viral video, customers who complained, store owners. How wide do you send this message? Do you fan the flames so that people go view the first video or search more about it? If you hit the mass media button, you might force folks to go ahead and look at something.”

Click here for the full story behind the story, and let us know if you think McIntyre’s team did the right thing by gauging the gravity of the situation before going public with a statement.