Time to Get Engaged

Engagement was the buzzword at the annual min day Digital Summit held yesterday at the Grand Hyatt in NY.  About 200 media executives gathered to take away new ideas on how to make a buck or two online.  min is a sister brand to PR News and there are often overlaps in coverage and audience since min covers the many magazine brands that PR readers want to reach with their stories.  Even more so — and what was clear at this event — is that PR professionals and media executives — crave an engaged audience and metrics to gauge just how engaged stakeholders are with their brand. Despite lackluster news about media companies (did you know more than 500 magazines folded last year?), the “engaged” brands are the most likely to survive and thrive for the long-term.

During the luncheon, we held an Engagement Party recognizing “the most engaged media brands” plus “the match made in heaven” (hint:  stencils and doggie blogs, anyone?)  What all these magazine brands have in common is a visceral connection with their readers.  These brands play a key and positive role in the lives of their readers. I am guessing that of these 14 media brands, there’s at least one that you engage with regularly.

Check out these Most Engaged Media Brands and see if your brands also provide the goods to be Engaged. We’re not talking marriage here. We’re talking good, old fashioned Engagement with the anticipation, the parties, the love letters and all.

Share with us your Engagement Story.

– Diane Schwartz

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