It’s the PR — isn’t it?

You know the power of your communications efforts.  But does your boss or  your colleagues down the hall? How about your relatives, neighbors and the people you bump into at Costco?  They’re all affected (mostly in a good way) by Public Relations. All too often PR is behind the scenes and under-recognized for all that we do to move markets and minds.  In an effort to open the curtain on all the great PR initiatives happening every day, PR News has launched “It’s the PR” – an advocacy campaign for our industry.  Go to our store and treat yourself to something that says it all.  Just as importantly, share with us your case studies on the power of PR.  We’ve set up a group on our PR Peeps social networking site to share your case study — a brief description of a campaign or PR idea that’s worked for you — or a link to more information. Let’s start bragging a little about all that PR can do.

— Diane Schwartz