Committing to (good) Social Media

At our PR News Media Relations Forum on March 10, there was  a lot of talk about Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools.  We were proud to hear that on the day of our event so many people were Twittering about the content from the Forum that it was one of the top 10 trending topics (#mrf09).  Shows what a small universe Twitter really is right now.

But for all the talk about these platforms, most business people really don’t know how to capitalize on these tools and many are wearing the same hat when using social media at home and at work.  Your CEO says, “let’s have a Facebook page” and the next day, there it is. Then what?  Hence, we are reading tweets or Facebook updates about our colleagues grabbing a cup of coffee or so bored at work they’re gonna scream (what are they thinking?!).  More and more brands are using social media to great effect, such as Mars’ Skittles site (for branding/engagement) or Comcast on Twitter (for customer service), Ernst & Young (recruiting) or Ellen Degeneres (viewer engagement). Ellen just set up a Twitter account a few days ago and has about 120,000 followers.  At the PR News forum, attendees were so engaged and such great reporters that, for those who couldn’t be at the event, it was the next best thing.

As always, content will be king. So make sure you are giving your audience/prospective audience content they can use to make their personal or professional lives richer.  As one of our Forum panelists,  Media 2.0 blogger and imc strategy lab director Rob Hecht, noted: “Social media is a commitment, not just a campaign.”  Commit to good content.

– Diane Schwartz

  • Brian Murnahan

    I am glad the event went so well. I am surprised that this blog does not have a “share” button that allows it to be blogged/tweeted/facebooked/dugg or otherwise shared.

    Something to consider in the future.

    PS – I hope I am able to make the next event.

  • Mike Smith

    The meeting opened my eyes to which corporate comms teams are harnessing social media best. I was glad to see so many large corporations like Discovery, Verisign, plus great non-profits who want to reach constituents. dna13 is a client of mine that helps Microsoft, Starbucks and others. Small Act Network is a client that assists non profit fundraising using social media. I am so pleased to be in the nexus of the new strategies.