PR vs. PR

During the March 10 PR News Media Relations Forum, keynote speaker Howard Bragman (publicist to the stars and author of Where’s My Fifteen Minutes) delivered his 10 Commandments of PR.  In doing so, he made a comment that I found to be especially poignant: That PR no longer stands for public relations, but for perception and reality.

He explained the statement by saying that a communicator’s main objective is to align stakeholders’ perception of something as closely as possible to the reality of the situation—something that is especially challenging in a media environment where facts can be skewed and then spread virally via digital platforms.

I definitely agree with Bragman’s new definition of PR.  Do you?

By Courtney Barnes

  • Chris Johnson

    Interesting post and comment on a new definition of “PR” by Howard Bragman. The reality (and I’m sure the impetus behind his words) is that the world of PR is changing at an astonishing rate. PR, marketing and advertising are converging and are battling it out in an attempt to see who emerges as the owner, protector and builder of brand reputation.

    Brand is no longer owned by the company, business line, marketing or advertising – or for that matter PR. YOUR brand is owned by your stakeholders and customers. It lives in their minds and is now living in an interactive, collaborative and wildly viral world. PR is now Public Response to an army of what I boldly call citizen soldiers that have the ability to shape, embrace or destroy brands.

    Howard’s comment on the communicator’s main objective of aligning a stakeholder’s perception to the reality of the situation is valid. I believe that we must go further: listen attentively and thoroughly to the conversations that can affect our brand reputation, align your PR teams and engage in conversations with an army of “citizen soldiers”. These stakeholders have real power to shape your company and it’s products in the minds of consumers and stakeholders. Whether PR is perception and reality or public response, my point is that the game has changed and we must adjust how we conduct the business of PR – quickly.

    Chris Johnson

    Twitter: chrisjjohnson

  • Scott Russell

    Great post. Interestingly our company, P2R Associates, is a strategic public relations, business development and markeing firm who’s tagline or unique selling proposition is “Perception to Reality.”

    P2R – I guess we are ahead of the curve!