Limited Sunshine

For the past few days the weather report in the print edition of the New York Times has promised “limited sunshine” for my county in NY.  Maybe “promise” is the wrong word; rather it is warning me of limited sun.  Granted, times are tough for our economy and it’s trickled down to friends and family for many of us, so maybe it’s good to frame the weather with a positive note of some sunshine, however limited.  Or would it better to just say Cloudy, as the Weather Channel has been forecasting and interestingly, the online version of the NY Times has been forecasting (the print and online weather reporters are apparently not conferring on terminology).  As I noted in my previous PR News blog post, much of what we hear is a story of some sort and how that story is heard depends on the state of mind and in life of the listener.  Personally, I’d rather hear Cloudy than Limited Sunshine. Better yet, I’d rather hear No Earthquakes, No Tsunami, No Volcanoes. But that might be putting too positive a spin on the story.  What would you prefer: Cloudy or Limited Sunshine?

  • Scott Thomsen

    How about “some sun today.”