The BlackBerry & the Bedroom: Where Do You Stand?

Do you love your spouse more than a toaster? How about a pencil holder? OK, how about your PDA: Who do you love more? And therein lies the nut graph of the press release from the PR team at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. To raise awareness of their new Wi-Fi lounges that allow business travelers to stay more connected to family when traveling, Sheraton commissioned a “work/life study.” And 87% of respondents say they bring their PDA into the bedroom and 35% said they’d choose their PDA over their spouse.  What kind of question is that? A good one, from a PR perspective, even if the margin of error is roughly 34% in this case. And don’t forget – 66% choose their spouse over their PDA. This is just fun, attention-grabbing PR. I refuse to believe that one would choose their BlackBerry over their loved one. Barack Obama is choosing the White House over his Blackberry and I’m pretty sure he’d pick Michelle over the Blackberry (right?).

The nice part of this survey, in an effort to satiate all readers and media types who can grab a fun stat to confirm their convictions or to prove someone wrong, 84% of respondents in the survey did say that their PDAs actually enhance their ability to be with family since they can bring the “office” home with them. So, back to the point of Sheraton’s new press release — that their Wi-Fi/Internet lounges help people stay more connected to family when they’re on business travel.  Um, do business travelers really want to be more connected to their spouses? I am betting 35% of business travelers will be renting a movie in their hotel room instead, though 100% (an increase from the initial survey) will be bringing their PDAs into their (hotel) bedroom. This calls for a new press release from Sheraton. Kudos to Sheraton. I had fun reading this press release, and I’m writing about it here (while ignoring my spouse).

So, PR Newsers — what’s your take on this? Would you choose your BlackBerry over your spouse? Would you take a job take requires you to relinquish your BlackBerry? Share your thoughts — maybe we’ll turn it into a press release.

– Diane Schwartz

  • Priya Ramesh

    Nice article on how survey results can make or break PR credibility.

    Blackberries I think were meant to respond to emails that need immediate attention while you are on travel but unfortunately the growing addiction to the crack-berry (the more popular name) has led to the increase in typos, hasty responses and a growing divorce rate. No, I would never pick a gadget over my spouse and Yes, I would take up an opportunity for its growth prospects minus a fancy touchpad Blackberry!

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