What type of PR could $700 billion buy?

I am not necessarily a numbers gal, but it’s safe to say that $700 billion is a lot of money. If Henry Paulson decided to allot let’s say even a measly $1 billion to your communications budget, how would you spend it — and it has to be spent on PR, not on mainstream stuff like Education, Housing, Healthcare, Security? While we’re at it, who would you put in charge of allocating this money? You don’t have to answer the latter question unless you are the boss and can blog without pink-slip ramifications. So, share your thoughts on how you could improve your PR with some extra funding ($1 billion). I will collect all your ideas and share them with whoever is in charge on Capitol Hill.

– Diane Schwartz

  • Steve Halsey

    I’m thinking we could invest in a whole lot of “Bailouts for Dummies” books to distribute on the Hill, Wall Street and to the masses.

  • http://www.prnewsonline.com Diane Schwartz

    That’s a good idea — if you don’t take the idea to the bank, I will!

  • http://www.relaxco.9f.com Craig Hallmark

    I’d advertise all peaceful products we have in mind 27 new products that Wal*Mart and others have asked for but we can’t get loans to have shelved.
    We’d turn the money into much more good for more people than we would ever know as it would continue forever.

  • http://www.relaxco.9f.com Craig Hallmark

    We have to make things in the USA and sell them globally in order to really recover, China is now saying they will buy more from others…we have plans approved for peaceful products in 16 categories?
    Where is the Capital?
    Where is the collaborative systems for profits?
    A non Profit group can have billions of dollars in our confused systems of Governments controlled loosing ways…we need real money to pay real people to make real products here and sell them globally… I can’t tell you just how many people have seen the plans and want to participate. Almost everyone shown the plans has said we should do them and earn our ways out of this mess greed has caused.

  • http://www.relaxco.9f.com Craig

    Good people;
    I’m glad we have a chance to recover from the war and all the problems wars and all un-good ways of doing things causes.
    I’m sure you have good things to do, see ya!

  • http://yourmediamentor.com Monique Caradine

    I’d set up a full-scale social media network, complete with blog, video sharing platform, twitter interface, facebook presence and a kick-butt podcast to deliver my message on how important it is that businesses have a PR strategy.

    If done right, businesses wouldn’t have to struggle like so many do now.

    I would also employ traditional media by solidifying a presence on news wires and in every newspaper, magazine, tv and radio station in this nation. Puhlease! with $700 billion I could build a hell of a brand and capture the minds of everybody in this nation. I could achieve Oprah-status in a heartbeat and rule the world!

    Now back to reality: $700 bil is nothing to shake a stick at. It’s corporate welfare at it’s best. It’s a shame the hundreds of thousands who are homeless, indigent and flat broke can get the same kind of bailout…ahhh, the good ole USA!

  • FVR

    First, I’d set up a program to market this bailout to the other industries to let them know that the government is coming to take over. Also, since Bush could not get his wishes through his tactics, I suppose it would be unfair to say he is coming! Oh well, we could use the 1 Billion to help the victims of Hurricane Ike. Peace

  • http://www.newsforcenetwork.com Dana Todd

    Monique, please carve out a little piece of your $1B for a few Newsforce Network placements 😉

    If we are to repair our US brand (as a nation, one can argue we need a helluva PR and brand makeover), we’d need to show we’re actually as good at listening as we are at talking. I’d spend a good chunk of it on a series of fully transparent summits, and get Jon Stewart to moderate! We could tie it directly into internet feedback loops from all over the world, and have people vote line-by-line on the ideas that our leaders discuss.