Guest Blogger Mike Smith Gives the Citizen Journalist Perspective at the DNC

After diligent application work to the Democratic National Committee, I was a credentialed member of the media. I worked for as a video blogger (v-logger). I also posted text blogs for the Huffington Post. Filing video stories put me in the thick of the action, with access on the DNC convention floor, and with CNN suite credentials, Google’s “Big Tent” blogger space, and Huffington Post’s “Oasis” space. It also gave me the opportunity to make solid national media connections and hone my press-writing skills

Reuters consumer media editor Adam Pasick put out a clarion call for citizen journalists for his “Inside the Tent” feature, and I was selected. The Reuters blog references the press tent city that emerged around the Denver Pepsi Center. Among the stories I submitted from the tent were an interview Governor Mark Warner, a senate candidate from Virginia; an interview with Richard Schiff, the actor who starred on “West Wing” as White House communications director Toby Ziegler; and a video with a disaffected Hillary Clinton supporter Nancy Kivlen with an advocacy group called PUMA (Party Unity, My Ass).  You can view all of these videos here.

Jose Antonio Vargas, a new media correspondent who writes “Blog Talk” for the Washington Post and covered the Democratic Convention, said that Denver was “lousy” with bloggers this year.” Indeed, citizen journalists seemed to outnumber mainstream media by margins of 3-to-1 at the DNC party confab.

“Here in Confab City, you can’t swing a messenger bag without hitting a blogger,” Vargas wrote. “The place is lousy with them. Hundreds are credentialed.”

Mike Smith is CEO of MSBD, Inc. in Herndon, VA. You can reach him at

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