Cousin IT (and a call for comments!)

I knew there was some serious animosity among IT people and their management counterparts, but this is pretty extreme. Apparently, senior executives hate the IT department, and apparently there are exactly eight reasons why:

1.    IT limits managers’ authority.
2.    They’re missing adult supervision.
3.    They’re financial extortionists.
4.    Their projects never end.
5.    The help desk is helpless.
6.    They let outsourcers run amok.
7.    IT is stocked with out-of-date geeks.
8.    IT never has good news.

I can only speak from my experiences with the IT team at PR News’ parent company, and those experiences must not be the norm, as our IT guys are great: they aren’t out-of-date or helpless, and they don’t require adult supervision. (I do agree that projects never end, and their news is rarely good.) However, I know that PR executives constantly go to the mat with IT departments, especially with the advent and subsequent explosion of digital communications channels that must be implemented across entire organizations.  With this comes the need to work in harmony and, judging from the referenced BusinessWeek article, that is easier said than done.

Thus, I’m currently planning an article about best practices for breaking down the silos between communications and IT. If anyone has insight into this, please comment and I’ll reach out to you to comment in the story.  Any advice is greatly appreciated …

By Courtney Barnes