Naples Goes Anti-24/7

Just a quick update after the SAGE Luncheon at the Counselors Academy Spring Conference, during which some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders waxed poetic about various issues facing business and communications.  The best quote (and, in my opinion, the most unexpected), can from Tom Hoog, former CEO of Hill & Knowlton, and current “public speaker/tennis player,” who said:

“The 24/7 news cycle is one of the worst things that’s ever happened to our profession.”

Zing!  His rational was quite valid, though.  He went on to say that there isn’t 24 hours of meaningful news every day, so the media has reduced itself to “chatter,” thus diluting the credibility of content and fueling cynicism among consumers.  It was definitely an interesting perspective, and one worth further consideration.  Thoughts?

By Courtney Barnes