It’s Never Too Late to Get LinkedIn

After writing an article for PR News about how to use LinkedIn as an effective business tool, I realized that I was a hypocrite—I was espousing the value of a robust profile, but my own was skeletal at best.  So, I followed my own advice and rounded it out with past experience, information about my education, a customized URL and background information about my general interest and areas of expertise.

In the interest of full disclosure, my involvement with the social network–and social networks in general–was basically flat-lined; in terms of my LinkedIn profile, I would accept invitations when they were extended, but I did nothing to proactively reconnect with the business contacts that I’ve accumulated over the years.  As for a Facebook account, much to my friends’ disbelief, I do not have a profile; my MySpace presence is solely relegated to PR Newspage.

So, starting now (at least as far as LinkedIn is concerned), I plan to make a concerted effort to reach out to others, and to actively in engage in the community.  After all, study after study shows that it’s a viable business communications platform, and communicating is precisely the business that I’m in.  So, with that, here is my profile.  I’d love to link in with anyone who’s out there listening …

By Courtney Barnes