PR Pros Better Off Than Marketers

Mike Moran, product manager at IBM, is in the midst of his keynote, and he just made a comment that should make PR professionals everywhere smile:

“This [digital communications] is a sea change for marketers. The Internet is the place where everyone at every moment is deciding what they want to be interested in. You are the storytelling experts, not marketers—that’s what you know how to do. Your job at this point is to start using that skill in more places.

Instead of looking at the Internet as a threat, look at it as something that makes everything you know more valuable than it was before—bigger and more important. You know how to get past gatekeepers because you’ve always had them. What you need to think about is who these new gatekeepers are on the Web.

It’s not the marketing people that are the hot shots at viral messaging. It’s you.”

By Courtney Barnes