Go Forth and Optimize

I’m just now finishing lunch and listening to Mike Moran of IBM give a keynote speech, but I think the more interesting conversation actually took place directly next to me a moment ago. I was talking to Amy Dean, president of Dean Public Relations, about what’s going on in public relations due to the digitization of … well, everything, and she boiled it all down very quickly:

“Think of [the Internet] as a sea where everyone is sending up smoke signals to find each other. Search engine optimization is that smoke signal.  It’s not the great equalizer–it’s the great integrator.”

That’s right–every session and every conversation during the last two days of the Bulldog conference has been about blogs and social media and so on, but–and I hadn’t really thought about it before–the one thing that ties all of these channels together is SEO, so that’s what PR people need to be learning. Sure, you need something to optimize in the first place but, unless you get that content in front of your target audience, your messages will die a lonely death on the 37th page of Google’s search results …
By Courtney Barnes