LIVE from the San Francisco: Prozac at the Pump

Hello and good morning … I am on the last leg of my (current) world tour–San Francisco, for the Bulldog Media Relations Summit, from which I will be blogging to give updates and interesting stories as they happen (I’m currently listening to Charlie Rose and Howard Rubenstein).

However, more on that later–I just wanted to mention three cool new things I learned during the opening keynote by Todd Grossman, VP Sales, MultiVu:

1. YouTube has a new application called YouTube Insights that enables anyone with a YouTube account to view–for free–detailed statistics about the videos that they upload to the site. It’s a great, cost-effective tool for measuring eyeballs at least and, what’s more, you can test messages and quantify viewership in specific geographical regions most important to your business.

2.  There are more than 50 video-sharing Web sites.

3.  This is my favorite stat of the day: While visiting the gas station to fill up their tanks, drivers spend an average of four minutes watching the price climb … and climb … and climb.  Realizing this untapped audience, Gas Station TV was established to give people something more uplifting to watch at the pump. It’s a digital video network featuring CBS News and entertainment, ESPN sports and local market weather. According to Grossman, more than 50% of viewers remembered one or more brand or story seen during these four minutes.  What’s next, therapists doling out Prozac at the pump to alleviate the depression caused by massive gas bills?  Hey, whatever works …

By Courtney Barnes