Eliot Spitzer’s Accidental Beneficiary?

The scandal surrounding Eliot Spitzer has been a crescendo of drama whose denouement came yesterday with his decidedly unceremonial resignation. But, the aftermath of his exit has shifted the spotlight to one non-celebrity who, at first glance, may appear to be the victim of unrequited PR, but who in reality may become a beneficiary of Spitzer’s indiscretions.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré is a 22-year-old aspiring singer who, until yesterday, was another random face in a crowd.  But, having been identified as the escort with whom Spitzer met in Washington, her name, personal photographs and MySpace page have been splashed across front pages across the country.

Now, what I’m about to suggest isn’t to say that I’m overlooking the humiliation and degradation involved with being “that girl” that torpedoed Spitzer’s political career—especially when Spitzer himself is the only one to blame.  But, for a girl whose MySpace profile says “But, my path has not been easy … I have been alone. I have abused drugs. I have been broke and homeless. But, I survived, on my own. I am here, in NY because of my music…I’m still here and I love who I am. If I never went through the hard times, I would not be able to appreciate the good ones”—well, it sounds like she’s at least resilient, and very interested in getting her name out there.

And, isn’t that last sentence in her above statement is drenched in irony? For her, at least outwardly, this is a hard time, but I predict that it will quickly lead to “good ones.” Forget needing to find an agent, a record label or a spotlight; now, everyone is swarming to her.  It’s almost like she slipped and fell into the public eye, which (as her MySpace profile indicates) is exactly where she wants to be. Again, I’m not suggesting that she wanted her prostitution to be the catalyst for fame, but history indicates that, at least in the entertainment world, salacious gossip is the ultimate primer for a spot on a reality show, if nothing else. It’s just a matter of whether or not she is able to shift public judgment of her personal decisions to judgment of her singing abilities. Stay tuned …

  • Jacob Morales