Confusion Loves Company

Yesterday, PR News and Medialink co-hosted a roundtable on video 2.0 communications strategies, and the select group of professionals in attendance had some incredible insights into the world of online video. The group of companies in attendance was eclectic—Goodwill Industries, Disneyland Resorts and Patton Boggs LLP, just to name a few—but there were a few threads that consistently weaved their way through the two hour conversation: the need for authenticity, the need to be completely in touch with your brand and its target audiences, and the fact that no one has the answers.

That’s right: that last point was both a blessing and a curse for the executives around the table—a curse because a lack of answers creates the feeling of anarchy, and a blessing because no one, no matter the size of their organization (or their budget), seemed to know enough to completely outpace the others.

For complete coverage of the roundtable, including the ideas and best practices that surfaced, look out for the March 10 issue of PR News. In the meantime, though, chew on this: The most pleasant surprise that the attendees voiced wasn’t necessarily the strategies that were offered up (though those were certainly welcomed); it was the fact that, after two hours of open conversation, each realized that he/she wasn’t alone on the Web video front. Apparently when it comes to online communications, two is company, and any more than that is even better.

By Courtney Barnes