Digital Platforms Are the Hero of the Super Sunday … Oh, and Eli Manning

Yes, the Giants rocked the Super Bowl, doing a victory dance all over their underdog status… or whatever to appropriate sports cliché is.  But, two days out (on Super Tuesday, no less, and with the Giants parade blaring outside as I blog this), the most resonant star of the day wasn’t the star at all; it was the behind-the-scenes digital communications platforms that advertisers leveraged to continue the viewing momentum that started during game time.

Now fans can relive the commercial greatness by watching a rerun on YouTube. Web sites allow viewers to vote for their favorite ad. Blogs tell juicy details behind the creation of certain ads, thus generating more buzz. Microsites became hubs for campaign promotions.

All in all, it looks like marketers had a carpe diem moment and really got serious about digital channels, maximizing all the consumer engagement potential and basking in the results. There is probably another good football cliché that could be inserted here, but … I just don’t know it.

By Courtney Barnes