Target Misses the Cyber Bull’s Eye

This just in: Retail behemoth Target “does not participate with nontraditional media outlets.” Um … what?

A public relations executive for the company made this statement when Amy Jussel, founder of marketing blog, wrote to complain that a recent Target billboard in Times Square was demeaning to women because the bull’s eye was conveniently placed in close proximity to the model’s crotch. (The billboard depicts a hat- and glove-clad woman making snow angels atop the Target bull’s eye–completely harmless, really, unless your mind is in the gutter.)

But, despite the ridiculous sentiments of Jussel, Target’s response was even more out-of-line. Acknowledging that blogs and other “nontraditional media outlets” don’t make it into the company’s radar is a massive mistake because, as everyone knows, these platforms are key to reaching target audiences.

The PR exec continued her e-mail response by saying that, “This practice is in place to allow us to focus on publications that reach our core guest.”  Mmmhmm.  Apparently the core guests of this hip retailer don’t have Internet connections.  Regardless, it’s an astonishingly anachronistic policy that one might expect from a small, mom-and-pop shop that isn’t up on modern communications practices–not from a company so lovingly referred to as “tar-jay” by its loyal (though apparently technologically illiterate) consumers.

By Courtney Barnes

  • SpeakMediaBlog

    It is amazing to think any business ignores blogging. As I said in my blog (, one only need recall the impact of Dell Hell to fully realize the power of the blogging community. (Dell is still trying to regain their market position.)

    It’s a difficult task to keep up with bloggers for sure. But, they are here to stay and if PR Pros give them the same respect they give traditional media (research their writing, know the topic they want, and respond to them), they can become major allies.

    Consider this: I agree with you, Courtney, that the ad was harmless. But, by disrespecting the blogger, Target has given a major voice to the group’s complaint!

    Check out my blog for more of my opinion. But, Courtney hit it on the head!
    (Jennifer Jones)

  • Rick Clancy

    I concur with Courtney’s comments and was surprised to see that Target–a company I perceived as being fairly progressive–is so behind the times in regard to social media and blogs, which of course can be targeted and prioritized just like traditional media.

    Beyond this, I would have expected Target to be on the forefront with their own corporate blog.

    One personal effect of Target’s response (or lack thereof) is that I am questioning my progessive assumptions about the company, which can’t be a good thing.

    This input is coming from a 21-year PR veteran and seven-month corporate blogger. Check it out at


  • http://? Ken Clark

    Target customers are not technologically repressed. We have better sense than to waste computer time on “blogs” which contain nothing much more than personal opinion. “Information on a “blog” is the next thing to bull s**t because it is unfiltered and unattributed and unchecked.
    Why waste ad money on trash?

  • http://Blogsarebullst??? Eric Cedo


    Take a look at the url of the place you just posted a comment on…!!! If blogs are such a waste of time then why are you commenting on one?

    As for Target, maybe it has something to do with Minnesota based companies? Best Buy did nothing to respond to the Heath Ledger-gate last week on the blog-o-sphere.

  • Andy


    A TekGroup research report highlighted the fact that 70% of journalists are using google and blogs to find pre-validated stories that go to print, web or TV.

    The value of blogs?

    Amy Jussel’s blog has created a brand new channel of content, discourse and advancement of a cause that simply could not have been done in a traditional parenting magazine. Like minded people are finding her and joining in on the conversation. She would have been hard pressed to launch a traditional magazine and solicit advertising dollars from the brands she is commenting on.

    Ron Paul raised a fortune through blogs and consumer generated media – according to him, it all happened at a grass roots level.

    Are all posts true and factual? No. But since they are open and transparent, they get corrected very quickly. Consider Fox news…you can only scream at your TV when Bill O’Reilly gets going. In the blogshere, we all get to rant and discredit anything that is not plausible or true.

    Hence, this blog entry is my polite way of saying, I don’t agree with your post:)

  • Andre Beaupre

    Target’s response was an eye opener, but I think this lesson will make them a better company. They’re wonderfully in-tune with consumers. Now they just need to embrace the blogosphere as legitimate and a vital grassroots link.

    Here’s my Target-related blog from yesterday (

  • Wendy

    It is interesting how the actions of ONE person can impact the collective perceptions about a brand or a company. We ought to be savvy enough to distinguish individual actions from the image of an entire company,but the truth is that it takes very little to destroy or impact brand value/content. The PR rep for Target certainly needs to learn that lesson and VERY quickly!!! How about a Marketing Public Relations (MPR)course in the MPR program at Alliant International University

  • Amy Jussel

    Ohfergawdsakes, this story is so blown out of context with misinformation it makes my head spin…focusing on this one (mild by comparison) ad is a NON-ISSUE.

    I’d expect PR News to at least do a ‘fact-check’ prior to perpetuating the overblown brouhaha and joining the ranks of the misinformed.

    I called to fact-check Target’s motivation & campaign context not to ‘rant or complain or have my mind in the gutter’ do you REALLY think I’d have chosen such a MILD ad to focus upon to express my ‘ridiculous sentiments?’

    Did it ever occur to you that the facts were reported in ‘sound-bite’ mentality?

    Gosh, I’d expect more than a knee-jerk reaction and trivialization of the authentic context.

    It was NEVER about this ‘one ad,’ it was about questioning the appropriateness of “Packaging Girlhood” in heavily objectified environs on an ONGOING basis, resulting in studies like the APA’s that reflect the psychological damage to self worth/impact of early sexualization on youth.

    I simply phoned them and left a message w/all my contact info on their machine, receiving the now infamous e-mail response that lit up the blogosphere.

    And though Target’s ‘talk to the hand’ approach was disappointing, since I purposely phoned to give them the benefit of the doubt, it’s been turned into an unwarranted flame-fest of distortions in that realm, too. Sure they made a mistake…but what company hasn’t?

    Expecting accuracy, facts, and fairness instead of name-calling judgmental vitriol was my media mistake…but the PR spin cycle appears to prefer ‘dirty laundry to fresh wash,’ indicative of our exact mission at Shaping Youth…to turn the tides toward positive media and sustainable change.

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  • Mediaman

    Target’s rep just blew it. Target in fact does care about non-traditional media and outlets and is currently developing additional avenues to take advantage of the target audiences they offer. It would be a mistake to underestimate Target’s attention to detail.

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