PR Standings…

There were a couple of media episodes last week that, taken together, beg several PR questions. The first was the vituperative comments made by MSNBC commentator Michael Savage
that cost him his job with the cable news network. During a recent program of "Savage Nation" Savage was discussing airline security. A man who called in told Savage that he ought
to see a dentist because "your teeth are really bad." Savage asked the man if he was "one of those sodomists" and when the man responded he was, Savage said: "You should only get
AIDS and die, You pig. How's that?" Savage was subsequently fired from MSNBC. But we wonder if he would have gotten whacked if his show were not in the ratings cellar -- an
average of 347,000 viewers -- and aired during the week rather than on Saturday afternoons. Remember, no one blinked several years ago when conservative radio commentator Rush
Limbaugh, who does get the numbers, made a nasty remark about then-First Daughter Chelsea Clinton. At the same time, we thought what might happen if a white baseball manager had
said what Chicago Cubs skipper Dusty Baker recently said about black and Hispanic players being better suited to playing in the sun and heat than white players. Moreover, what if
the Cubs were in the cellar like Savage rather than a half game out of first place in the National League central division? It's all about winning, we suppose. Somewhere, Jimmy
"The Greek" Snyder is spinning.