PR Reading List

If you are looking for ways to handle a corporate crisis--or
better yet, prevent it--you may find insights in a new book from
amacom. In "Corporate Self Defense," Steve Albrecht describes a
number of well-known and not-so-well-known crises, and offers advice
for preventing or handling a corporate crisis. To order for $24.95,
call 800/262-9699...Guidance on using the Internet and online services
for marketing and business communication are found in Craig Settles'
new book, Cybermarketing. Settles describes two key advantages of the
online medium: it allows low-cost contact with customers and
prospects, and enables efficient response to customers. He also shows
ways to marry cybermarketing with traditional marketing. To order for
$24.95, call Macmillan Computer Publishing USA at 800/688-0448...Those
looking for a primer on investor relations practice probably will find
it in Investor Relations: Professionals' Guide to Financial Marketing
and Communications. Offered by the National Investor Relations
Institute (NIRI), the book covers basics of finance, accounting,
strategic marketing and effective communications. To order for
$28.10, call NIRI at 703/506-3585.