PR Pulse: Which Cities Have A PR Problem?

Regarding reputation management, Zurich and Geneva have no need for PR worries. The Swiss cities came in first and second in the "2006 Worldwide Quality of Living Survey,"

conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The survey researched 350 cities and evaluated 39 criteria including socio-political, economic and environmental factors to

determine their quality of life. The remaining top 10 cities included Vancouver, Vienna, Auckland (New Zealand), Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, the Swiss capital Bern and Sydney.

Honolulu was the highest-ranking American city, at 27; Paris registered at 33, London came in at 39 and Rome was 62. African cities dominated the lower region of the survey, with

such bottom dwellers as Khartoum in Sudan and Bangui in the Central African Republic. And the lowest ranking surveyed city was Baghdad.